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Treating nail fungus with diflucan

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Doctors often prescribe a medication called fluconazole or diflucan to treat fungal infections. However, if you suffer from any type of nail fungus, you should investigate other options such as oral prescription drugs because they generally cost less, work quicker and have better cure rates.

If you do decide to take a prescription medication such as fluconazole to treat a fungal infection of your fingernails or toenails, you may suffer side effects. These include headaches, skin rashes and nausea, and in rare cases, more serious problems such as extreme skin reactions and liver toxicity. Therefore, you should think twice before taking a drug with possible serious side effects to treat a nail fungus problem, which is more cosmetic.

All prescription drugs used to treat nail fungus can cause serious problems. These include lamisil (terbinafine), sporanox (itraconazole) and diflucan. The good news is that they are more effective and less toxic than older prescription anti-fungal medications such as griseofulvin. There is no fool-proof treatment available for fungal nail infections, but many individuals have experienced success after taking diflucan or other prescription drugs.

You should be aware that you will need to take diflucan for a longer period of time to treat nail fungus than most other prescription medications. While doing so, make sure to take proper care of your hands and feet and keep your nails short and clean. You should also wash and carefully dry your feet every day and wear ventilated shoes or bare feet, as dry cool skin and air circulation makes it difficult for fungus to grow. Regularly file and keep any infected nails thin and remove any pieces that are flaky or crumbling. Make sure to continue with these regimen even after the infection has cleared, as proper nail habits may prevent a future nail infection.

If you are concerned about the possible side effects, have a pre-existing health condition that prohibits the use of diflucan, or you find the cost of the prescription too high, you can try other over-the-counter options or home remedies. You can use these with or instead of prescription drugs to try to eliminate the nail fungus. Regardless of your choice, make sure to take good care of your feet and hands to minimize the possibility of a recurrence.

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